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NeuroRun 2024

There will be a NeuroRun again this year! Take part and run with us for a good cause.
To carry the baton from Göttingen to Hanover, you have to cover 105 kilometres.
You too can contribute virtually to this distance and help to collect donations.


Where does the NeuroRun take place?

This year's NeuroRun will once again take place virtually. You can run anywhere - all you need is the running route of your choice, a pair of running shoes and your NeuroRun shirt, which will be sent to you by post.

When does the NeuroRun take place?

You can run at any time between 24 May and 8 June 2024 and send your running time, distance and a NeuroRun selfie to the following email address   dgnc-kongress@conventus.de .

How can I take part in the NeuroRun?

You can register via the registration form
You have the choice between registering with a NeuroRun shirt or without a NeuroRun shirt. Registration with a NeuroRun shirt is possible until 17 April.
After that, you can only register without purchasing a NeuroRun shirt.

When registering, you can choose your own donation amount.  

A few days before 24 May, you will receive your NeuroRun shirt at the address you provided (only within Germany).
You will receive your digital race number by e-mail, which you can print out at home and attach to your NeuroRun shirt.
Lace up your running shoes and off you go!


Where does the donation go?

The entire donation amount will subsequently be handed over to the
ZNS - Hannelore Kohl Foundation for injured people with damage to the central nervous system.

"The number of brain-injured accident victims in Germany is alarmingly high: every year, around 270,000 people suffer a traumatic brain injury as a result of an accident. Almost half of them are under the age of 25. 45,000 have to live with long-term or permanent brain damage.
In Germany today, around 800,000 people are dependent on ongoing support from carers or relatives and require lifelong help and support. We help these people quickly and unbureaucratically, act as their voice and support their carers."

Further information about the foundation can be found here.